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    Problem: Not able to change Signature field reason code Dynamically using signatureSetSeedValue

    Raghu-AdobeDesigner Level 1


      Problem: Not able to change Signature Settings Dynamically.  

      What I want: Need to change the Signature Field Reason code Dynamically upon selecting Radio Button.


      Here is My Code:




      var mydoc = xfa.resolveNode("FormData.P3_443.signature[2].ePadSignatureField3");

      reasons: ["Advisor"],
      flags: 8
      } )


      Error Message:


      TypeError: mydoc.signatureSetSeedValue is not a function



      Source Code: Acrobat Code for Signature.


      // Obtain the signature field object:

      var f = this.getField("mySigFieldName");


      { reasons: ["This is a reason", "This is a better reason"],

      flags: 8



      } )