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    hard drive utility program

    Islanders66 Level 1

      So far I've only had one issue on my new build. My C: (Hatachi) suddently wouldn't boot. It was stuck on "Windows Loading". I had to remove that harddrive and replace it with a new one and revert to a backup of my C: However, I haven't been able to erase that bad drive or reformat it. I tried downloading the hardware utility from Hatachi to boot from the CD, but that wouldn't boot from the CD. I suspect that is a software issue and somehow didn't burn in the right format or somthing.


      Anyway any suggestions what might have caused this to happen and a utility that can boot from the CD so I can erase that drive would be appreciated. I suspect my regestry files may have been corrupted and I'm not that familiar with Widows utility apps, so thought I might ask to see what other video editors trust.