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    Reader 10.1.1 Protected Mode




      I am deploying Reader 10.1.1, but on some computers protected mode is blocking PDF files from being opened from a network drive. Is it possible to configure protected mode for a safe domain.


      The solutions I have so far, disable protected mode, but this is refussed by my security manager, or copy the PDF files to a local drive from the network, but affected staff will not like this as a long term work around.


      An guidance and info most welcome, the package has been created with Adobe customization wizard, and deployed with Microsoft Config manager.


      Update 02/11/11 - I have been trawling the web about this problem, lots of people appear to have this issue, any idea if Adobe have a new release of Reader 10. to fix this issue.


      Many thanks Jon


      Very disappointed that no one from Adobe has responded to this post. I am now able to deploy Reader with no security, but miffed as this undermines all the work Adobe have put in to make this product more secure. Still it's only going to affect 1,900 computers.