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    Question about ADE downloads and Firefox extention for epub books

    Nancy Weisz


      I am new to using my nook color and new to the forum .I hope I can explain my problem so everyone can understand it.

      Downloads to ADE from the public library go well- they zip right in and I can load to the nook with no problems. I read the info on downloading epubs from other sites and  those downloads go to either the download or document files. I see them on the ADE screen but they disappear. I then have to transfer them to ADE by using the 'add item' feature which then pops  up the document/download lists. I double click to get them to ADE( if I'm lucky and do it right-lol)

      NOw, I can also sideload those books directly to my nook and by pass ADE with my Firefox extention for epubs. I may be hopelessly confused, but, why use ADE with these kinds of downloads. It is an extra step. IS it necessary? Am I doing something wrong to begin with?

      ANy advice is greatfully recieved!