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    Question about ADE downloads and Firefox extention for epub books

    Nancy Weisz Level 1


      I am new to using my nook color and new to the forum .I hope I can explain my problem so everyone can understand it.

      Downloads to ADE from the public library go well- they zip right in and I can load to the nook with no problems. I read the info on downloading epubs from other sites and  those downloads go to either the download or document files. I see them on the ADE screen but they disappear. I then have to transfer them to ADE by using the 'add item' feature which then pops  up the document/download lists. I double click to get them to ADE( if I'm lucky and do it right-lol)

      NOw, I can also sideload those books directly to my nook and by pass ADE with my Firefox extention for epubs. I may be hopelessly confused, but, why use ADE with these kinds of downloads. It is an extra step. IS it necessary? Am I doing something wrong to begin with?

      ANy advice is greatfully recieved!



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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Nancy, ADE is useful for a couple of reasons.  You have to be the judge as

          to whether those reasons make any sense to you.


          ADE is a library management system and a 'transfer agent' for

          epublications.  Among other things, it interacts with the digital rights

          management of epublication material, and that was designed into it so it

          complies with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 2000.  This role is

          important to the industry, and is one of the reasons that ADE is 'required'

          by libraries and some distributors when they are transferring ebooks to

          users.  Libraries provide unique loan data that ADE interpretes so that

          library ebooks are controlled within the loan periods set at the library.

          Booksellers use features of ADE to manage and control the distribution of

          material you pay for.


          ADE also serves as a 'translation agent' so that epublications can be

          transferred to different types of devices.  It supports several 'unusual'

          device types and their various quirks and special features.


          I've transferred ebooks directly to my ereader also.  The catch is that the

          ones I've transferred are free, so most of the points in my first paragraph

          don't apply - except that I like to have a FREE program that lets me manage

          my elibrary on my computer, which is much more reliable than my

          ereaders......  Backup pays off.


          Hope this helps!


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            Nancy Weisz Level 1

            Thanks so much!

            I now understand the purpose of ADE. My downloads are from free sites but I will use ADE as my mnagement site from now on.

            I really appreciate the full explanation and the time you took to answer my question.