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    Problem downloading books from public library on Damsung Galaxy Tab (GT-P1000M)


      I used the tab to go to my public library site to download a book. I was directed to download Overdrive Media Console. Did that and downlaoded two books but was asked for my Adobe ID which I entered and got this error messagr "Error activatibg device Adobe E-ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED (error 2004)"  I assumed that my Id was invalid and so I created a new one and that produced the same error message!  I then went to the desktop and found that I could sign in to Adobe with either of my IDs.  Tried dragging the Digital Edition files over to the tablet and windows explorer shows that they are there but the Kobo app doesn't see them.  Is there some place where I can get clear and simple instructions - I'd really like to be able to read books on the kobo app even if I heve to use the desktop to get them.