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    Problem downloading books from public library on Damsung Galaxy Tab (GT-P1000M)


      I used the tab to go to my public library site to download a book. I was directed to download Overdrive Media Console. Did that and downlaoded two books but was asked for my Adobe ID which I entered and got this error messagr "Error activatibg device Adobe E-ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED (error 2004)"  I assumed that my Id was invalid and so I created a new one and that produced the same error message!  I then went to the desktop and found that I could sign in to Adobe with either of my IDs.  Tried dragging the Digital Edition files over to the tablet and windows explorer shows that they are there but the Kobo app doesn't see them.  Is there some place where I can get clear and simple instructions - I'd really like to be able to read books on the kobo app even if I heve to use the desktop to get them.

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          The message isn't really very clear, but it's telling you that your

          computer's clock isn't set properly.  Check its time, time zone and date and

          make sure that all of them are correct.  I think everything will work

          properly after that.


          I am not sure what you're referring to as the 'KOBO app' on the tablet.  If

          it functions along the lines of most tablet apps, what you could do is to

          open it and see if it has an 'add item to library' feature.  If it does,

          then when you see the ebooks on the tablet, you could execute that feature

          and add them to the KOBO library on the tablet.


          You're correct in assuming that this isn't the way it should be.  The

          nominal process is to register your tablet with Samsung, using your Adobe ID

          and password.  Then, you attach it to your computer and make sure that the

          computer recognizes it as an attached device (some are shown as disk drives,

          but it could be something else).  Then, open ADE.  You should see the tablet

          show up in the bookshelf pane (left hand side of the screen).  If this

          happens, then you're ready to download ebooks to ADE, and transfer them to

          the tablet via drag and drop.  Sometimes, however, ADE will see the tablet

          and ask you to authorize it, which is easy enough to do, before the tablet

          will show up in the bookshelf pane.


          I don't know what happens on the tablet side - whether the KOBO application

          has to be open when you go to attach the tablet to the computer, for

          instance.  My ereaders are 'dumb' - just ereaders, not apps on a small



          Hope this helps!