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    Incorrect - Unsupported or damaged file error. With R3D files.


      I'm editing a feature and I have a lot of media in the project.

      This time when I opened up my project it had a bunch of clips offline.

      I tried to link them and it gave me an unsupported or damaged file error.


      This is incorrect because the files work in Redcine playing fine.


      So I cleaned the media cache files, and reconformed all the files. It worked for relinking most of the files but a lot of them are still unlinked.

      Why is Premiere bein glitchy?


      What is up with this? This is REALLY important. I don't have time to delete the media cache file and prompt it to reconform every time i open the project.



      12GB Memory

      4 cores

      Mac Pro

      Nvidia Quadro 4000