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    printing / combination help


      i am in need of printing a document using indesign 5.5 that exceeds 216 inches, i need for there to be no gap between the two pages that print end to end, the document is 11 inches wide by up to 400 inches long. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          I'm no print tech, but the print techs who do hang out here all say to design at a percentage of full scale.


          If you're doing large-format printing, you should probably absolutely talk to your print service provider first.

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            Pabacab Level 1

            i'm not doing large format printing, the words are set to 18pt size i just need the document to be up to 400 inches in length.  i have an hp designjet 111 roll printer, as such i will be doing my own printing. i just need to know how to make the pages print consecutively with no page break, such as in a paper banner.

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              Michael Gianino Level 4

              I don't want to speak for Joel, but what I think he is suggesting is that you set up your document at half the size, and print it out at 200%. Your width would be 200" instead of 400, and your type will be 9pt instead of 18. When printed at 200%, it will be 18pt type in a 400" document. If you have any raster images, set the resolution to twice what you need it to be. Purely-vector images don't matter, as they will scale without resolution problems.