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    The new Flash player (11,0,1,152) does no run on some sites.




      I have a peculiar problem. I have installed and tested the newest version of flash player. When I open the "manage add on" tab in IE9 and load all add ons, the flash player and shockwave player show up. When I open the currently loaded add ons, the flash player does not show up, only shockwave player shows up.2011-10-17_150312.jpg


      2011-10-17_150432.jpg  When I go to a website such as dslreports.com, I will get an error message that an add on has failed to run.2011-10-17_151738.jpgWhen I disable flash player in add ons, the error does not appear.


      I have deleted and installed flash player. Tested flash player. Enabled hardware acceleration and then disabled it. There is no check mark by "Active X".


      Can you help me get rid of this error message with out disabling flash player.


      I have Windows 7 x64 Sp1 / IE9 32bit.