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    PAL DV Widescreen 787/720x576 capture, seq settings & export



      My footage was shot letterbox 16:9 DV PAL ( Panasonic DVX100) but was captured (played on a Panasonic GV550) in two sizes: 787x576 & 720x576, both (1.9040 PAR). Same tapes & device. Same capture settings.

      1. I wonder how did that happen. Is it a PPro bug? I tested some captured clips, but after running the whole batch of tapes the results were mixed as noted above.    Should I just resize the 787 shots in the effects control panel to be 720?

      2. What should the sequence settings be for a PAL DV Widescreen timeline?

      3. What should the export settings be for computer monitor viewing?

      4. I want to create & import to the timeline a slide with text and graphics from an image editing tool, what pixel dimenssions & PAR  should it be?


      Using CS5 on a Mac