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    Flex AIR app not getting data from -app.xml descriptor file?

    kid electric Level 1

      Hello, I was working on a Flex/AIR app (extendedDesktop profile) in FB 4.5 and at one point I wanted to split off and do a side project with the same base code.


      So I copied and pasted the folder/project in my file manager, and it made a duplicate copy; however, I wanted a new name for this related app, so I changed the name of the file, and it updated the descriptor xml accordingly (so let's say it went from test-app.xml to final-app.xml)


      When I was ready to export a release build,  I went through all the steps but then afterwards I realized I needed to change some install data in my descriptor template xml file.  So I went into final-app.xml (in the src folder) and changed several things, including specifying a icon for the program, as well as specifying window size constraints (x and y dimensions, starting location, maximize/minimize, etc.)



      None of these changes seem to apply when I go through and export a new release build.  In fact, when I go to uninstall the program, Windows shows the OLD app name ("test") not the new one ("final") in the add/remove programs list.


      Any ideas why this may be happening?  It's like maybe it is still tying this app to the old descriptor file or something... any way to update or refresh this? I'm not sure why it would be doing this... is there some sort of cached file somewhere that it used other than the one in the src folder?  Otherwise, the two apps are in two completely different folders and defined as separate projects.

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Make sure all instances of “test” have been replace with “final” in the –app.xml file.

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            kid electric Level 1

            Yes, I've ensured that the app.xml descriptor template is all up to date with new naming and settings.


            As a little test, I made a completely new AIR app and exported a release build -- this one registers the file/project/install names okay, so I'm wondering if the other one is having problems due to the fact that it was a duplicate copy of a different project (rather than a project started from scratch)


            Also, neither that one nor my new AIR app from scratch seem to be capable of defining settings such as window size, location, etc.


            I've tried a variety of the following settings -- none of them seem to do anything:









            <minSize>1024 600</minSize>

            <maxSize>1024 600</maxSize>




            I have tried the installs in Windows XP and Windows 7.  Do these specifications of window size/location/etc. have no effect in Windows?


            I'm simply looking for a way to have my app open as a specific size when it is run... as it is, the app dimensions are the same as the screen resolution (on the netbooks I am testing on), but the problem is that the window is offset by about 50-100 pixels in and 50-100 down... so the window overflows the screen dimensions, requiring it to be moved and/or maximized. (this is annoying for anybody, but especially maddening because this application is designed to be used by 5 and 6 year old kids)