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    change the field type

    adobe_newbee Level 1


      I have two requirements

      1. I have a table in a dynamic pdf form. And in the table have put a signature field in one of the cells. My question is , can I change the field type programmatically into a text field. The requirement is, if the user does not want to do an adobe esign, there is button next to the table, and the user can click on that, and in the signature field , instead of signature , the text will display "rejected by the manager".
      2. There is one more table with the same layout , but here if the user clicks on the button next to the table, I want to insert a predefined adobe signature into the signature field.


          All helps are appreciated.


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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Dynamic PDF can only be created by LiveCycle Designer. You might want to post in one of their forums.

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            maxwyss Level 4

            It is possible to build dynamic forms using AcroForms, but it will require some programming.


            Just so, it is not possible to change the type of a field programmatically. You would have to delete the field and add a new one with the same coordinates.


            However, in your case, it might be sufficient to have a hidden field on top of the signature field, and when the user clicks on the button, that field will become visible. You may or may not remove the signature field in the same step; it might be sufficient to hide it. But that will depend on your workflow.


            Hope this can help.


            Max Wyss.