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    Choppy Video =\

    da64u Level 1

      Hello =]


      I've edited a video before using footage ripped from a dvd (High quality) and had no problems at all. But now I'm trying to edit video from my DSLR and am running into a lot of choppyness making it impossible to edit. . 


      What happens is: After clicking play the footage in the timeline plays smoothly for about 2 seconds and then gets all choppy.


      This happens with 1080p 24fps Normal quality. and also Most of the time with 720p 24fps normal. . I have adobe set up to use 1.2 GB of RAM.
      My system is a Core 2 Quad 2.4ghz q6600. 64 bit. 2gb RAM,  9800 GTX graphics card.. 7200RPM hhd. .


      What might the problem be? I can't imagine my specs are too weak to handle it. .


      Thanks =]