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    Deleting Graphic Frames


      Hello everybody,


      I have this case...



      I'm working in a long project with IDCS5, creating a medical directory using a old version of the directory. The problem is... The old version is in PDF. So, I convert (in packages, the pdf file has, at least, 1400 pages) the PDF file in INDD file, but in packages of 50 pages per file. At the moment, all okay. But this is the big problem:



      The directory has a specie of features signals in front of names of the doctors or providers. And this signals get shuffled and randomized in the columns of each page.



      My procedure to follow is: 1. re-adjust the document / 2. create new paragraph styles and character styles / 3. Erase all the signals.



      The last step is the highest problem of this theme. Deleting one per one is very tricky.



      Does anyone know how to simplify this work? does exist an script that can delete the graphic frames with the pictures inside?



      My apologize for make this post longer... but I need to expose my case to make it easy to understand.



      Oh... and I'm sorry if my english writing is not the right... I'm doing my best. =)