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    Transferring between computers

    FrustratedinOntario Level 1

      Installed ADE on two Macs, downloaded a book to one, and am attempting to transfer to the other - with no luck. Have followed the step-by-step instructions - several times - and on the receiving computer always get "Document is licensed for a different user account". We have separate accounts on both computers, but I now assume that I have to log into the same account on the receiving computer. Except I can't.


      I know the ID of the account on the transferring computer (my wife's email address) and thought I knew the pwd, but it's not working - and neither is the Adobe help process. The pwd reset message never shows up at my wife's email.


      I know people who refuse to buy any books that are protected by Adobe DRM, and now I'm beginning to understand why. And we haven't even gotten to the ereader part yet...