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    Fun with tabs & numbers

    Joe Seven



      I am having a really difficult time with tabs today.


      I'm  creating a simple table of contents for a brochure, and want to have a list with page numbers, followed by page discription. (see attached image).


      Screen shot 2011-10-17 at 7.29.13 PM.png


      I want to have the numbers right-aligning, and the page descriptions left-aligning. I know how to do this with numbered lists, but that won't allow me to enter in my own numbers. I'd just like to do this manually with tabs. I'd also like to avoid using a table (that will be my last resort).


      Any help would be very much appreciated.



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          M Blackburn Level 3

          Set a right tab for the numbers, set a left tab for the description. This looks so straight forward that I can't help but feel I'm missing something. You actually have to enter a tabs before the number and before the description.

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            MT.Freelance Level 4

            Without getting into Tables of Contets features, Paragraph Styles and Character Styles... all of which could help with this, here is how to do it simply and manually.


            Set your type with a Tab before and after the page numbers (see screenshot below)

            Select all your text

            Open the Tab panel

            Click on the Tab panel ruler where you want the page number and chater text to align to. This will set tab stops for each position.

            Select the tab stop for the page numbers, then click the right aligned tab icon in the tab panel (see screenshot)


            Things should now be aligned.


            Screen shot 2011-10-18 at 8.14.45 AM.png


            You can also set the tabs within a Paragraph style. You can use a nested charater style to get the bold text on the numbers. You can use the Table of Contents features to automatically look for certain tagged styles within your document and create a ToC for you.



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              Joe Seven Level 1

              Thanks for the detailed explaination. Very helpful.


              You mentioned using nested styles to bold the number, I guess that would link the numbers to a character style that had the bold weight? Would this be a GREP style?

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                MT.Freelance Level 4

                I believe you could use a GREP style for this, but I've personally never worked with them. So, no, what I mentioned was not a GREP style.


                Set up a character style for Bold (no other attributes, unless you want them, in the Character Style).

                Then, set up a Paragraph Style (I called it TOC Entry, but whatever makes sense to you)

                Edit the Tabs (first screen shot) to match how you want the text and numbers to align

                Edit the Drop Caps and Nested Styles section (second screen shot)

                • Set Character Style to your new 'Bold' style
                • Set the other uptions to Up To, 2, Tab Characters


                You can get some really interesting effects using nested styles.



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                  Joe Seven Level 1

                  Wowzers, I like that. Thanks!