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    Program Monitor not working except when being clicked on


      Having a problem with CS5.  I have a project that has worked so far and then today all of a sudden it no longer wants to display the project in the program monitor.  It's not skipping or something like that.  It's litterally just gray in the center of the program monitor instead of having a black window.  If I click on it it will update the current frame and show the picture as it should but won't update if I click somewhere else on the timeline or play it.  Just a single frame.


      any idea what could be causing this?

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          drewhosick1 Level 1

          Tried that.


          What's interesting with more researching with the issue are the following things:


          If I start Premiere and run a different project, everything looks fine.  If I boot Premiere run the offending project but then close it and run a different project the problem remains(even with one that works from a clear boot of Premiere).  It seems like whatever it is, it's something from that project messing up the program monitor but that problem remains in Premiere until it is shut down, not when the project is closed.


          Also, if I click right on the program monitor, the currently selected frame(the one the scrub is on) shows up along with the motion controls, but if I hit play it just sticks to that frame while the music plays.  If I move the scrub it doesn't change either until I click on the program monitor and get the motion controls again.  I've tried click off the motion effect and it doesn't make any difference.


          Sometimes instead of a blank screen I've seen a white screen inside the program monitor.  When it's white it has the same size as the normal program monitor.  When it's blank it's litterally an empty box, same colour as the grey of the outer part where there normally is no box...  It's like it isn't even there till I click on it and show the current frame only.


          Tried reinstalling my Radeon drivers to see if that made a difference to no avail.


          The only difference with the project that I made yesterday was that I install neat video but even with that installed, any clips that don't have it as an effect still dont' show properly.  I may try to add the effect to another project and see if it causes the issue.  Hopefully not cause I need Neat video to clean up this project.

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            Never mind, just tested it and yes it has to do with neat video.  When I put

            it in a test project the project doesn't seem to work well, when I take it

            out it starts responding again.