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    Security issue with Syndication?


      I'm using the Syndication package to retrieve MediaRSS XML feeds - using FeedLoadTrait. I've got an error while loading a remote feed when the SWF is published online (on another domain). I've tried many feeds URLs from various domains, and even if they have a crossdomain file that allows all domains, I can't load the xml file.


      No errors are return, except the constant LoadState.LOAD_ERROR, so I'm assuming there's a security issue there (I have to reckon, this is the part of Flash that always confused me; might not be an OSMF specific issue..)


      The SWF security type is REMOTE, and I've try to add Security.allowDomain("*") as well as Security.allowInsecureDomain("*"), without success. I'm using Flex 4.5.1 and OSMF 1.1.