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    [CS4/CS5, Win] Pasting into ScriptUI interface, focus-problems

    Andreas Jansson Level 2

      There are discussions about palettes receiving keystrokes when they are not in focus (and something that regards mouse events here):


      and here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3564410#3564410


      I have a specific question about pasting, which is the most annoying thing I've noticed (yet) regarding the behaviour of the non modal window types. Ctrl+V puts the clipboard contents in the active document instead of pasting where the cursor is, in the textbox on the ScriptUI window.


      Mouse right click + popup menu (Paste) is a workaround, but it doesn't prevent the accident of putting the pastboard contents in the document using the keyboard (you might not even notice). I'd like Ctrl+V to go to the Script UI window, when the Script UI window has focus.


      Are there workarounds for this as well?


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