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    Problems while opening PDF docs from network shares




      following a problem description, which appeared on 3 clients (all other 200 clients are OK): Win 7 x64 Sp1, Adobe Reader 10.1.1


      When i want to open a PDF document (double click in win explorer), saved on a share on a Windows Server 2008 R2 file server, the following message will appear:

      error opening document, access denied


      The same behavior, when I want to open the document within the menu inside Adobe Reader.


      When I copied the document to an local storage, the PDF file opens without message box.


      When I try to open the document with e.g. notepad, it could be opened.


      The Reader security preferences are set to: security (enhanced): enable enhanced security / automatically trust sites from my Win OS security zones

      Even the check box is ticked or not, the message above will appear.

      Even I add a folder path (a network share, like e:\), the message will appear.

      Even I enable the enhanced security over the apropirate check box above, the message will appear.

      But, when I put in a file path over the file-button, using the unc  path the file, the file will open without message; when I use the path with the network share, like h:\temp\test.pdf, the message appears.


      The problem appears per machine, not per user. A new user on an client, on which the problem appear, will have the same problem while opening PDF files on shares.


      The file-server/domain are set in the win os security zones to Intranet.


      What can I check to solve the problem?