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    wht is the difference btw ReaderExtensions activity and applyUsagerights acitivity

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      I have two acitivities on workbench 1. readerExtension and 2. applyUsageRights.


      Question:1 What is the difference btw these two activities.


      Question:2 Please correct my understanding


                     A. ReaderExtension activity is used to extend reader on pdf. Will be able to save the pdf, but other properties will not be applied like user can not put commets, import export data, digitally sign it. We are just  extended reader pdf.


                     B. applyUsageRights: Apply user right means user will be able to put comments, import extport data etc.


      Question:3 Does user need to use readerExtension activity before applying usage rights on pdf. Or applyUsageRights activity alone can make the pdf reader extended and apply usage??/