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      I read other threads like this without any success.

      I'm working with a 64bit windows 7 pc and 12 Gb ram. It worked fine until a week or so ago. Now I'm trying to import wmv files, about 20 Mb files and Premiere doesn't allow me to import these. However it works with smaller files.

      Basically what I'd need to do is importing a wmv from after effects, created from a jpg footage. I'm doing animations and the way I used to do it, has been always the same. Importing in AE my jpg footage, exporting as wmv to re-edit it through premiere. It is easier for me working these kind of files in premiere to have quick animations, since avi files are huge and QT ones don't work either.

      I called the customer service and after half an hour at the telephone finally it seemed working (with small files) but then I had the same problem.

      May this be a memory issue? Corrupt file? Windows media player can play these files, thouh I read it doesn't matter if it works with it.

      I need this by today for an exhibit and I'm pretty worried to not being able to finish the job.

      Any suggestion?