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    coldusion sub folder problem

      Hi i have a sub folder in my wwwroot folder called UK, i have a domain name pointing to this folder, www.iluvcricket.co.uk, and a domain name www.iluvcricket.com.au pointing to the wwroot folder

      but none of my coldfusion forms are validating, in the UK folder, they work fine in the wwwroot folder

      any ideas what i need to do to get these working

      Many thanks
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          Srinivas VK

          I think it is problem withe CFIDE directory.
          it will contains the folder called scripts which will contains all the script files for the handling the forms validations.
          So you create a virtual map to that folder then it will works fine.

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            C_Macca Level 1
            Hi thanks, thats worked.

            i have one more small problem, i think i will need to the same sort of thing to reslove this

            i have a cfloop to enter data into my database, this works fine in the wwwroot directory but in the UK folder the "PhoneNumber " below in my query gets entered as a random number not the number it should be, i did a cfoutput just before my cfloop to see what the number should be 07777555444 but instead of putting that number in my table i get a random number 02554466633.

            any ideas