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    Win AE CS5.5 1080 32bit colour project to DVD


      Hi folks


      This might be as easy as a link, but a cursory search didn't reveal anything obvious.  There's probably several ways to do it in any case.


      I've got a project in which I did some colour and mucking about in AE.  It's using 32bit colour with no working space/colour management in use (this worked alright for its original destination on the web).

      Firstly: what's the set up for keeping the colour right for a PAL DVD finish?  (It's been a while.  I'll need a YUV/16-235 appropriate space of some sort if memory serves.  There's a few to choose from for PAL.  Also the timeline will have to be adjusted into the gamut, correct?  Any pointers on that would be great).

      Secondly I can go straight to an MPEG2 file via media encoder that my authorware won't touch (much.  It's Nero.  I haven't got Encore or anything fancy).  Is that a good idea or is exporting it big and letting the DVD software handle it a better idea?


      Feel free to tell me my half knowledge is all wrong.



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          I'd render the file lossless, and use Adobe Media Encoder make the mpeg 2 file: depending on the length of the video, you ought to be able to take the bitrate right up to the max, 7 MB/sec, continuous bitrate encoding.  If you don't have Adobe Media Encoder, you either need to search for it on your machine or get it: it should come bundled with AE.


          Failing that, let your authoring software do it.  You wouldn't have much of a choice, anyway.