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    Multi-Layer Document Script Triggers in PDF Form

    LLNunez Level 1

      I have a PDF form that has a total of 5 pages with text fields and navigation buttons. I would like the form to hide/unhide pages based on user input. For instance, the user will start on page 1. Once the user completes all the fields on page 1 the user will click on a button I laid out at the button of the page called "Next" and at this point a validation script should be triggered when the users clicks on the button to make sure all fields are completed before showing the information to be completed in Page 2. Basically I'd like my form to guide the user to the next page as long as the previous required fields are completed before the next page is shown (unhidden). If the fields from the previous page are not completed then the next page(s) will remain hidden.


      How can I go about designing my form to do just that? Any and all your advise, input and help is greatly apreciated!