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    Scrolling Page

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      I have created a recording in Captivate CS5, on one page while recording I scrolled down the page, when i play the slide to preview the page does not scroll down the page but just shows the page but not the scrolling part.


      In captivate the slide has a red mark over it, I could be wrong but I think this is what's causing the non-scrolling, is there anyway the the page will scroll while the slide plays.

      Scrolling issue.jpg


      Thanks for any help.

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          The red line on the slide normally tells you that this is a Full Motion Recording, which would be the normal behavior during automatic capturing for scrolling. You will also see a camera icon in the filmstrip at the bottomof this slide that points that out. Are you sure that there is no scrolling? Did you try to preview the project, or from this slide, or (best) in Web browser? You will not see this full motion recording on the stage during edit.


          BTW it is Captivate 5 (CS5 is only for applications in the Creative suites), and which version?