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    Slow to open multiple PDF files




      We've recognized an issue with the Adobe Reader 10. If a user opens the first PDF file it opens very fast. But if the user opens a 2nd or 3rd PDF documents, it takes a few seconds (up to 15seconds) until the PDF file is open.

      This was reported from many users in our company. But this does not happen all the time.


      The issue also happens if the files are stored local on the C drive.

      The protected mode is disabled.

      The antivirus program is also disabled (only for testing).


      We didn't had this issue with Adobe Reader 9.


      Does someone else have this problem? Or does someone have a solution for that?

      I installed the latest Adobe Reader version. I also found another old thread in this forum were other people reported this issue but no solution was posted to this thread.


      Hope someone has a good idea about this.


      Best regards,