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    Premiere Pro 5.5.1 crashes out on startup

    Steve736 Level 1

      Hello all,


      For the second time since purchasing Premiere Pro, the application will not start.... The flash-screen is up for a while and then disappears.... On the first occasion, the recommended cure was to uninstall the entire CS5 suite and re-install.  While this worked, I am sincerely hoping this is not what I am going to have to so again.


      On this occasion, I had been running PP without a problem... I then noticed, the Matrox MX02 was not powered up... I exited PP (without saving) powered up Matrox and then restarted PP - or tried to.  I rebooted the PC... No joy.


      I am running PP 5.5.1


      Just out of interest, all other CS5 apps work OK.


      Some guidance would be appreciated....





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          L'histoire se repête.


          Matrox builds a great repution of defunct drivers and problems. Maybe consider using Matrox stuff in the way it was designed for, as a doorstop.

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            Steve736 Level 1

            Hello Harm,


            I guess now that I have at leat a temporary fix, I can have a good laugh at your suggestion! 


            The crew I purchased the gear from (Adobe and Matrox) appear to point the finger at Adobe with this issue - MAtrox would seem to be in the 'clear'.


            In my experience of Adobe's NLE products (and Matrox too for that matter) I have had more problems with Adobe than Matrox.  Up until this problem, however, I have usually found 'workarounds'...With this issue, a workaround is difficult when PP fails to start and only copious amounts of incomprenhsible text in a log file to go by. 


            I did spend more time searching the Forum and by using slightly different words, I did get this as a potential solution:


            "Try starting while holding Alt and Shift. This will reset all preferences and clear the plug-in cache." - This from Tod Kapriva.


            This seems to have worked.... but I would like to know where the instability lies...





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