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    Rendering Images in Adobe Reader

    kosta s

      Hello Adobe community,


      knowing that most people are using Adobe Reader als PDF reader I must post my problem here.


      On my project I am using the Report Engine BIRT for creating report als PDF files.

      In the PDF report itself there are png images which are placed one after another from top to the bottom.


      In the images there is a blue line that goes from one to another image.

      My problem are the artifacts that can be seen on the end of one image and begin of the other.


      At the beginning I thought it was an error in the pdf itself but after using other pdf viewers I got better result than the Adobe Reader. (printed on paper)


      The question is, can that be changed or implemented like the other PDF Viewers or is there any trick how can I avoid this problem.


      For any hits and suggestions thanks in advance.



      Is there any option to upload files here in the forum.