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    resolving broken links in RH8

    luviola10 Level 1

      I have two broken links in RH8 project which I have been trying to resolve but still get the message:


      When I try to resolve the topic references referred to in the message above, I find that there are many, many of them. Some I have attempted to resolve and they do seem to go away. The problem is there are at least 20 more. Can I resolve them in bulk or do I have to resolve each one?



      Also, I have read that whatever is listed in an fpj shows what is in the project. However, how can you view what is listed in the fpj and do I need to?

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          Amebr Level 4

          From the screenshot it looks like most of the references are index entries. You could probably open the .hhk file in a text editor and do a find and replace to correct the path for the problem topics. As always, take a backup in case you do it wrong and need to go back to an earlier version.


          There are multiple fpj files in a project - one for each folder. They reference all the files and folders that RH knows about in the folder (but not images, at least not in RH6-8). I don't think editing these will be any use in your case.



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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            Are those two topics still in your project or are they topics that have been deleted, or maybe the filename has been changed outside of RoboHelp?


            Those index entries are linked to those topics and RoboHelp is telling you those topics do not exist in the project.


            See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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              luviola10 Level 1


              thank you.

              I've got the hhk open.

              I can find the link in various places:



              what do I replace with? would it be


              since that is the topic I want to point the user to?

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                luviola10 Level 1

                okay. Deleting the problems in the hhk file fixed my project! No more broken links!


                Thanks Amber and Peter!


                Besides removing the offending stuff in the hhk, I also discovered that one of the file name or topic name (I forget which one) was not an exact match for those named in the broken links. I fixed those as well.

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                  Amebr Level 4

                  Just be aware that deleting the problem stuff in the hhk file means you have removed those index entries completely.


                  Oh, and to answer your first question, what you change the path to depends on where the file lives in your project. It needs to match, using a relative path.

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                    luviola10 Level 1

                    thanks for that reminder. I found that the index entries disappeared in total! I ran the Index Wizard and I believe it's fine now. However, the size of the project seemed to grow larger...

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                      Thanks, Amebr, you saved me some trouble with the edit .hkk solution. 




                      I had broken links.  After _much_ ado, I traced these, in part, to what seemed to be broken image files paths.  In RH8, I had moved the topic folders around, not outside, but inside Robo8.  Apparently, the image links did not adjust appropriately.


                      I found the easiest solution was simply to re-add the pages/topics, because search-and-replace inside Robo is ...


                      Some of the broken links, but not all, remained mysteriously broken. 


                      Despite there being a "delete button" on the "Resolve Broken Links" dialog, I was unable to break/discard the links, to topic pages that had been moved.  Besides, resolving in this way is a one-by-one proposition - ug!


                      The best way would have been to force Robo to rebuild its indexes, as you might for any SQL or other database (I think I read that Robo uses a JET database, but not sure at all about that), but there appears to be no option to do that, unless there is a trick I don't know. 


                      Going forward, it's not clear to me, yet, what the best way to handle images is, to avoid broken links when moving topic folders about, even in RH9.