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    Problem opening pdf files with Adobe Reader in Windows 7


      I bought a new Dell (Inspiron 5110) with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium (Version 6.1 SP1, 64 bit) and pre-installed Adobe Reader X (10.1.1). I cannot open ANY of my old pdf files with the Adobe reader (even after I re-installed the Adobe Reader). On another computer with Windows 7 I get the same error message. When I installed several other pdf-readers (Sumatra, Foxit, ..) I can still not open the pdf's -- but all the pdf's still open under Windows XP on my old computer and they also open on all my colleagues' non-Windows 7 computers. So it appears to be a Windows 7 problem. The Adobe error message says 'Adobe Reader could not open _.pdf because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (…..).

      N.B.: I can download pdf files from the internet and can then open these 'new' pdf files with Adobe Reader X.

      N.B.2.: Most of the 'old' pdf files are scientific articles downloaded from various journal websites 2002-2011, so their quality should be out of question.

      N.B.3.:I've transfered the files via memory stick and portable HD.

      N.B.4.: If I try to open the pdf's via 'Open with' the problem remains the same.

      N.B.5.: When, on my Win7 Dell, I've uploaded/attached one of these old pdf files to an email the rtecipient could not tead it. But he could read it when I'd sent the same file from my old Win XP computer.

      N.B.6.: I have repeated this last observation: When I upload an old pdf file on my Win7 Dell to my email account and then send it to myself, I cannot open/read it on my Win XP (nor on the Dell, of course). Although the file size is precisely the same.

      N.B.7.: When I download a new pdf on my Dell, then upload/attach it to an email also on the Dell and send it to myself, I can download and read the attached pdf on both computers.


      Would be grateful for any suggestions.