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    H.264 Video Streaming Help


      Need help integrading H.264 Video Streaming in Flex. I started looking at this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3796848#3796848.

      It is now out of date and flash player 11 is released (no longer from incubator site). How is the set up different now? Since my project is built on the older SDK, is there any way to do this on Flex SDK 3.5?

      I have already dewnloaded and installed flash player 11 and am using the following code:


                  import flash.media.H264VideoStreamSettings;

                  import flash.media.VideoStreamSettings;

                  import flash.media.H264Level;

                  import flash.media.VideoCodec;

                  import flash.media.H264Profile;


                  nsPublish = new NetStream(nc_publish);

                  var h264Settings:H264VideoStreamSettings = new H264VideoStreamSettings();

                  h264Settings.setProfileLevel(H264Profile.BASELINE, H264Level.LEVEL_2);

                  nsPublish.videoStreamSettings = h264Settings;


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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          Claudiu Ursica Level 4

          Make sure you have the new playerglobal.swc also drop this additional compiler arg: -swf-version=13. Need also to target flash player 11.


          I did it with 4.5 works like a charm. If this does not make it work you may need to upgrade. If you encounter errors can you post them ?