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    When Streaming a PDF from a java servlet I get a grey screen on the Adobe Reader X plugin.


      I work on a webapp where we serve pdfs to clients by streaming via java servlets. Once we began to use Reader X we noticed that in IE the pdf will load Reader X with a grey screen. Chrome and firefox both work perfectly fine. If we use Adobe 9 it also works fine. We have no control over what our users use so any client side fix is not useful.


      We serve these pdfs to our user by opening a popup window to a url that streams the pdf directly to the response. We have noticed that if we have one popup window that has hit the grey screen - each new pdf in a popup works correctly - as long as the original grey screen is up, once all popups are closed the problem happends again. Refreshing the window with the grey screen will also show the pdf correctly.


      The problem is very similar to what is described here:




      However, we are not setting any caching headers - I have full control over what we can send and I have tried the suggestions - nothing works. Any ideas how to resolve this?