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    Digital Signatures causing performance issue


      I have created a form for a two-step process in which the first user will open, enter data, and submit the form for another user to approve.  The problem is that during the approver phase, they will digitally sign the form (there are two digital signature fields for each section of the form, the approver is required to sign at least once in order to submit) and then submit, but the process seems to lag for about 20-30 seconds after they click submit.



      I understand that the digital signatures may add to the size of the form overall, but is one or two signatures enough to cause a delay? 


      I have some javascript that I fire at the pre-submit event using AWS_Action to see what the user action is and if the user selects to submit then it will test to see if at least one signature field is signed and valid, if so then changes the signature field type to disabled (I have the signature fields become required type based on certain fields containg data) and submits the form.  Is it possible that this script could cause such a delay after the submit?  We aren't having any delays when the first user submits the form without digital signatures so I assume this is what is causing the problem.



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          I expect that the lag may be related to the script you are executing, rather that specifically by the digital signature itself.  Are you able to test the form outside of the process to see if the lag remains?  Could you change the submit button to a mailto: uri and see how long it takes for the "pre-submit" code to execute?