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    Hardcoding/superimposing the date/time-of-day on to video file?




      I've been working with a Panasonic AVHCD HDC-TM900 camera for a while and I need the date/time to display on my video files when I edit them in the source monitor and to display in the final product.  There is no way to do this on the camera itself (according to Panasonic tech support), however I have found that VLC/Media Player Classic are able to display the information during playback.  I think that it's using the subtitle track to pull the information out of the file, as it appears when I enable subtitles in VLC so I know the info is there.. Is there a tool in Premiere which would allow me to incorporate this information on to my project without having to spit out another file?  Worst case scenario, I would also be open to a solution using Media Encoder as I use it for footage from other cameras but would like to avoid that if possible..


      Thank you in advance for your suggestions,