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    How to save a file as a clickable image

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      I'm new to Flash (CS5.5) but have self taught quite a bit. I created a simple "slide show" model of images which fade in and out to other images—it's a holiday greeting card. How do I save/export/publish (not sure of the correct terminology) this .fla file so that my end result is an image that I can insert (as an image) into an email (outlook) and send. The recipient should be able to click on the image and activate the movie. I've searched for hours on the web and have not found the answer.

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          To attach an image (not the FLA) to the email, you can use the File > Export command to export an an image of the stage or of a selected object on the stage. If you have a slideshow, you could just use the first image of the slideshow as the email attachment. Then you would need to add a hyperlink to the image in the email to send the user to the SWF on a web page somewhere. That's probably the simplest way.


          Attaching the SWF itself to the email wouldn't allow you to open it via a click on an image embedded in the email. They's need to just open the attachment. Probably not the user experience you have in mind.

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            willmp Level 1

            Thank you Jay. The way you described it is the way we went about creating our first ecard last year. This year my manager would like me to create an ecard that mimics others like those found on www.punchbowl.com where the recipient of an ecard clicks on a bitmap image embedded in the email (for example, as you said, the first image of the ecard animation) launching the movie as if “in” the image, and not redirecting the reader to another site. If this is possible, let me know, but regardless, I do appreciate your response.

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              willmp Level 1

              I was thinking about this issue some more and realized an error in my thinking. For some reason I believed that when ecards were activated they played right "within" the image within the body of the email that the user clicked on, but now i remember that after the click the movie opens in another window then plays. I've been able to publish the swf file with one of the jpg's in the file. Now i would like to somehow use that jpg, or any image for that matter, as a springboard to the swf flash file (that would play in a new window) without having to create a hyperlink to the swf file. I would like the "open swf and play" command as well as the swf file to "live" within the image in the email so that when a user clicks on the image, a separate window opens and the swf plays. Can this be done?