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      Hi all,


      I am developing a Flex Application driven by a .NET asmx webservice. 


      My application has been working completely fine when testing it on my localhost server.  However, today, I wanted to show some of my coworkers the application to test it, and provided them the network path to my application (which is being hosted off of my domain). 


      An issue has occurred where the webservice function calls are not being loaded.  I debugged using Firebug from their computers and found out that the browser was checking the path "localhost/crossdomain.xml" and that file was not being found.  Obviously, the crossdomain wouldn't exist in their localhost server root directory unless they had previuosly put it there thus incurring an error when trying to access my application. 


      Does anyone know how I can address this issue?  Can the check for crossdomain.xml be removed?  I noticed that in Firebug, other Flex Applications did not require the presence of this file.  Is there something in my code, or some setting that may be triggering this issue? 


      Thanks in advance for your help. 

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          I think the root cause is that your app is attempting to access the server as “localhost” which is not unique to your computer.

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            warchiefgrw2 Level 1

            Do you know any way to not make the check for crossdomain.xml show up?

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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              If you make a network call to a different domain, the player will check for crossdomain.xml at that domain.  Therefore, this is not a root cause.   Even if you could get past this, your app is probably not going to work because it is accessing a server on the user’s machine since that’s what localhost resolves to, when it should be trying to access the actual server you want it to access.  Your app needs to be set up to make requests from a server at a fixed location.  Localhost changes depending on what machine you run it on.

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                warchiefgrw2 Level 1

                I figured out the issue after debugging and comparing application execution. 


                I initialized my Flex web service variable without a URL. 

                var service:Service = new Service(); 


                instead of var service:WebService = new WebService(null, "webservice.asmx")


                This service object was generated from the .NET code.  and I guess without entering a url location, it assumes localhost, which was why my service calls were being called from "localhost".