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    Desperate Help Needed Please


      Hi everyone, Im new here and Im also a newbie to flash. I bought a template but can figure out how to change a few flash settings and its driving me crazy. My website is done except for these few minor changes. Id really appreciate it if someone helped me out here. To see what Im talking about go to the website main page here www.domesticcontractprofessionals.ca.


      1) There are two flash files, a menu and a header, in the menu when the page paods the buttons are white and turn orange when you scroll over them. Id simply like them orange when the page loads and then to turn white when you scroll over them. I can figure out how to get the scroll over to white but not the first part to getting the load orange.


      2) In the header file there are several pics. Beside the pics there are scroll over buttons. Id like the first button, that says domestic contract, open when the page loads. ANy idea how I can get this done.


      Thanks so much for whoever helps me out here. You have no idea how grateful I am.