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    Exporting dilemma! **Urgent**




      I recently have been asked to do some work for a client, and I needed to send him a demo. But when I tried to export it to a MOV. format, it opened up on my computer, but not on his.

      I'm using Flash MX 2002 on a Mac PowerBook G4 running 10.4.11.

      I can animate just fine on it, but it's just that when I try to export thats what happens. I have a converter on my computer, and I put the MOV. file in it and converted it to a MP4, but there was a huge quality loss.

      I need to get this out to him quickly and urgently (he also wants me to do a minute long animation (like the eBay bucks style promo video) for only $50. And he wants it to look professional. I only dabble in Flash, but I've gotten the hang of it and can do pretty good stuff in my mind. But is it worth it for only $50?).

      I don't know what to do as I called Adobe and they said they no longer support my edition of Flash, and to post on here.

      Thank you!