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    error in installer download




      I am having an annoying problem. I have Flash Player installed as a plugin for Firefox 7. Every so often I get a pop up saying I should update Flash Player so i click on the Install button. I always have my internet link up before clicking on this button. The downloading Installer box pops up and it looks as though the installer will download ok and install the update. However most times after about a minute this error message appears in the box " An error occured while downloading the installer" and i then  close the box. At present  I have a good signal for my broadband ( I use Mobile broadband) so i don't believe that is the cause.


      I looked on the net and in your forum to try and get an answer on what is causing this continuing problem but could not find one. Can anyone help me please?


      Additional Info:  HP mini 110-3138TU

                              Windows 7 Starter with SP1

                               1 GB


                                 Norton 360

                                 Firefox 7

                                 Google Chrome




                                 Thank you.

      Any help would be most appreciated.



      Levin, New zealand