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    strange url.

      Pick any url ending as .cfm.
      i picked this.


      then put slash, "/" then type anything.


      yes, I expected " page can not be found" instead of a broken link.
      Why does it display this broken link. Checked other website ending cfm.
      Some place display as the legit pages.

      I can accept that. Mine display a broken link like this example.

      Thank you in advance.

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          MikerRoo Level 1
          This is normal behavior.

          CF executes https://coldfusion.affiliateshop.com/main.cfm and doesn't know what to do with "/xxxxxxx" unless you explicitly program that in.

          HOWEVER, the web server says that the path to the request is "https://coldfusion.affiliateshop.com/main.cfm/xxxxxxx/" which is a legitimate path.

          That means that if you use relative links for anything they start in "/main.cfm/xxxxxxx/", not "/".

          That is one reason not to use this approach for dynamic folders. It's best to use Apache's mod_rewrite (If you are using IIS, switch to Apache ASAP!).

          If you insist on not using the web server to handle the dynamic directories then you must use absolute links to everything.

          EG: Use <img src="/bannerDefault.jpg" alt="Big Ol Banner" /> instead of <img src="bannerDefault.jpg" alt="" />.