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    Text will not wrap around a photo in indesign cs3?

    hi1678116 Level 1

      we have tried EVERYTHING. we use adobe indesign for our school newspaper and for the past 3 days we have been trying to get one of the articles (text) to wrap around a photo.

      the photo is a simple rectangle shape. for all of the other pages, the text wraps around photos perfectly fine. but for some reason on this one page it will not wrap around any picture at all.

      of course "text wrap" is selected for the photo and we also tried going to the text frame options and unchecked ignore text wrap. that still didn't work.

      we tried putting it on "detect edges" and that also did not work. ):

      please please please if you have any suggestions, add them!!! we really need to fix this issue because this page needs these pictures!