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    Import image metadata into Indesign CS5 automatically




      I've been looking all over for this and I have found various bits and pieces of information, but nothing comprehensive enough for a beginner. Perhaps I am researching it wrong. Could you please point me to a complete and easy to understand source, or give me some tips and details regarding the process?


      I don't know if this makes a difference, but I am trying to export my pictures (there's quite a bit of them, so working in batches is preferable) into a sort of catalogue, and I'd like Indesign to pick up the metadata that was edited in Bridge.


      Thank you in advance.

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          David W. Goodrich Level 3

          Metadata is still pretty arcane.  The form that Adobe uses, XMP, is designed for automated software manipulation, but the software hasn't reached the point-and-shoot stage.


          Now that forum-searching seems to have been fixed, searching for "metadata captions indesign" may turn up useful threads, such as this one for CS4, mentioning a script that can pull metadata from an image for use as a caption in an ID file.


          On a more arcane level, when exporting to PDF InDesign does pick up and pass on "object-level metadata" for continuous-tone images: selecting an object with Acrobat 9 Pro's Touch-up Object and then right-clicking will let you choose Show Metadata for the object: the individualized metadata survives, though seeing it takes some doing.


          Good luck!


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            durannarud Level 1

            Hi David,


            Thank you for answering.


            When you say arcane, do you mean it in the classical sense of the word, or do you mean that it's borderline impossible at the moment? Maybe I'm trying to do somethign that wouldn't even work, in which case, I'd have to look for another solution.


            Basically, I'd like to be able to select a folder(s) full of images and Indesign will place those images in a pre-made document automatically and groupd them by the category they are in (which it will also list automatically), while also displaying any other relevant metadata info in various fileds when applicable. Is this possible at this point?

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              David W. Goodrich Level 3

              By arcane I meant known to a limited number of iniatiates -- though XMP metadata is perfectly knowable for those who spend the time.


              I'd suggest checking the Photoshop or Lightroom forums as probably a better place to find other folks who might want to batch-process images similarly -- it is no accident that XMP metadta draws heavily on IPTC. In fact, might not Lightroom do most of what you want all by itself?


              I don't use Bridge very often, but could you use your metadata to sort your images there and then drag them into ID, perhaps even as a loaded, multi-shot cursor?  And then run the caption script for ID once the images are placed? I dunno.