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    computer related science fair ideas?


      I need to do a science fair project and I have lots of interest in computers and would enjoy doing something with them. I am trying to find a decently good one because I would like to get a scholarship. I hear that they always have people out to look for possible candidates to give them to for computer related subjects.


      Some additional information on my abilities (incase it would help with you coming up with ideas to suit me)

      1. I have little knowledge of Actionscript 2.0 or 3.0 but am currently wanting to learn more.
      2. I have creative suite 5.0.
      3. I have some higher level basic knowledge of hardware.
      4. I currently have lots of time on my hands and nothing to do.


      Thanks for any help that i can get i would realy like to pursue a career in computer programming and if I could get a scholarship for this it would be extremely helpful.