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    adobe reader does not open PDF files and opening reader X then opening a file results in closure

    ineedsupportforadobe Level 1

      I recently uninstalled an older version or adobe reader and installed adobe reader  X.  It was working fine for approximately one week.  Today I viewed a document and then after reboot of my computer I am able to open only adobe reader X.  I am no longer able to view any PDF files.  Clicking on a PDF file does not open the document.  Opening Adobe reader X and then file > open and then clicking on the document makes adobe reader x close.  I use windows xp sp3.  I use MSE and ran a full scan and the results had no malware.  I then uninstalled adobe reader x and reinstalled it without a reboot.  Again the same thing happened.  I cannnot open any PDF files.  How do I troubleshoot this failure and get adobe reader x to open my pdf files.  If for some reason adobe reader x no longer functions on my computer what other software can be used to view these files?