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    Quiz results not displaying in swf file

    stevie mcg
      I am creating an interactive cd which basically runs a blank projector which then loads in various swf files from fscommand folder as and when required.

      Part of the CD is a quiz - created using one of the standard flash templates. When this is loaded into the main projector as a swf file it runs perfectly until it gets to the "results page" - at this point it returns the blank templates e.g Answered = 0.

      If you export the quiz as a projector file it runs fine and gives the results as expected too.

      Is there a way to make it run properly as a swf?
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          arunbe Level 1
          i think, there is some depth level problem.
          Do onething, if you have the source of your loaded quiz swf.

          Check all the variables are declared locally...
          and also check the where you are counting the Answered variable and find is there any _global and _root is used...

          Still, its persisting post with more details...

          Cool :)

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            stevie mcg Level 1
            Hey Arunbe,

            To be honest I'm pretty new to the Action Script side of things - I'm not actually very sure where and how I check that the variables are declared properly?!

            I would really appreciate any pointers you could give me in this area!!

            I have attached some code from the quiz - it might not be the right thing though!

            Thanks for any help you can offer!!!