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    XML Updating not possible after Copy Paste

    romanobstuder Level 1

      Hi all

      I have a problem with updating large financial tables. The tables are generated from Excel into XML, then placed via JavaScript on ID pages. I can get up to 10 tables some containing 100 rows by 8 cols data.

      All formating is done by the combination of Tags, Styles and Scripts.


      Should the people that generate the financial tables in the first place update the Excel file, we re run the process and the layout tables in ID update no problem.


      Now come the layout artists and copy paste the table they need onto the layout where additional background stories and images combine into the final layout.

      The XML tree of the data they copy also copies into the layoutfile. All good so far.


      Now an update via Excel arrives and I need to update the final layout file.

      But the link is no longer in the Links palette. As soon as I do the copy paste it is gone.


      How do I update the relevant subset of XML on the final layout file, from the complete XML dataset given to me.


      Any ideas where I went wrong?



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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          I do not think is possible to copy links between documents.

          I think the only way to create a link is to Import XML and Create Link.


          Therefore, you should try to adopt a workflow that does not result in copy and pasting the XML to a new document:

          Several choices present themselves:

          1. Adjust your script to import the XML into the final layout file directly.

          2. After you have copy-and-pasted the XML, open the structure pane, select the XML root, and re-import the XML file by hand, creating a link.

          3. Cut and paste the final layout into the layout with the link.

          4. Pages (panel) > Move Pages the pages from the final layout into the layout with the linked XML content, and then move the linked XML around in that layout onto the pages where it matters


          Good luck!