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    Why am I getting-"The ExternalInterface is not available in this container" in Flex Mobile Project


      I am using StageWebView to show an HTML page. I want to call a function in my flex mobile project to be called from a JS function. Using ExternalInterface, I have 



         in Flex - 



         in JS -



              function thisMovie(movieName) {

                 if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft") != -1) {

                   return window[movieName];

                 } else {

                   return document[movieName];




             function showAlert()


                    alert("Going to call AS function");


                    return false;




      I am getting "Error: Error #2067: The ExternalInterface is not available in this container. ExternalInterface requires Internet Explorer ActiveX, Firefox, Mozilla 1.7.5 and greater, or other browsers that support NPRuntime." when trying to run the application.



      And my project targets Android platform. And  I have Mozilla, Chrome installed on my desktop - although I am not user if that is relevant to the problem.



      Please help in resolving this issue.