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    Add Instance Subform content to textbox


      Hi all,


      There is sth I would like to do.


      I have a form which has a text field that is in a subform where you can add instances. No problem with pages etc.


      Now, I have created a text field where I would like all entries to be repeated as plain text possibly separated by rows.


      For example:

      Textbox in Subform: Eggs

      Textbox 2 in Subform (after clicking the add instance button): Butter


      Text box at the end should either say:

      Eggs, Butter





      Does anyone have an idea on how I can achieve this?


      Thanks a lot,



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          pguerett Level 6

          I am not following ...can you elaborate on your requirement?



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            AvaSim Level 1

            Hi Paul,


            Actually I have several requirements. I have attached the pdf as this seems easier at this point.

            At the beginning of the pdf, I have the marks in three boxes. I would like to concatenate them with a comma between the different entries into a text field that users can then copy paste into the next form.


            Let’s say in the first box you put:





            In the second,




            I would like to have a text box that comes out as: A,B,C,D,E


            Second problem I am facing with this task is at the countries.


            I have a country online selection and a second country selection.


            Ideally I would like to have just one box with all countries and be able to tell the pdf that certain countries have the characteristic “Online”.


            Thus if the client clicks on “Add” I would have two list boxes: One for Online and one for Rest. Depending on what the characteristic of the country it would either go into the Online or the Other.


            Any ideas on my problematic.


            I was thinking working with numbers and maybe telling the system that if it is under 100, move to Box 1, if it is over 100, move to Box 2.


            Thanks for your help.


            Kind regards,



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              pguerett Level 6

              You won't be able to attach anythig to the forums ....it is forbidden. You can either use acrobat.com and put th elink in a message or email it to me directly at LiveCycle8@gmail.com please include a link back to this forum post so that I can cross reference it.