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    Need Help figuring out security sandbox issue after changing webhost

    reindeer4 Level 1

      I'm in the process of switching my webhost from 1&1 shared hosting to a dedicated IP address with a smaller company that specializes in Drupal sites and doesn't know much about flash. 

      1&1 is still the Registrar for my domain, but I've 'parked' YourGods.com on the Holistic servers and have 'pointed' my site to the Holistic DomainNameServers instead of the 1&1 servers.


      After doing this, my Flash site (which is based on the Gaia framework) stopped working, and the Flashplayer Debugger, gave me the following errors:

      Error: Failed to load policy file from xmlsocket://

      Error: Request for resource at xmlsocket:// by requestor from http://www.yourgods.com/bin/main.swf has failed because the server cannot be reached.

      *** Security Sandbox Violation ***

      Connection to halted - not permitted from http://www.yourgods.com/bin/main.swf


      Someone helping me on another thread thought might mean the problem had to do with my paths and that I was trying to access something on my local computer, as opposed to being a standard cross-domain issue where one server was trying to access files on another, unrelated server.


      Can someone clarify this?

      I Googled and found some stuff about loops between a server and the originating computer but I'm really not sure how to put all of this together.


      Is there a way (with the flash debugger or other software) to step through my actionscript code with periodic breakpoints so I can figure out what line is causing the problem?

      Or a way to figure out if this is a problem between Holistic and my local computer or Holistic and the 1&1 web servers?


      Thanks for any help.