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    Linking to WebHelp


      RH 7.02.001 running on Windows 7 machine




      We are starting dev on a new project. The UI for the application is written in C# WinForms (apologies if I have this wrong - am not a coder). Each form will link to a WebHelp topic.


      For our other apps we use a spreadsheet where the Form Operation ID is mapped to the Help topic path and file. This is then run thru an XML generator, and the XML is added to the EXE so that the form calls the XML and the XML locates and launches the correct Help. This works well, but the spreadsheets are a bit unwieldy to maintain.


      As we now have the opportunity to get things right from the get-go, I was wondering what other options I have for linking to the Help?  I know that there is a Map File in RH Project Set-Up. I've never used it and therefore don't know the capabilities or limitations. I also am aware that the Help path/file can be hard coded, but this seems too inflexible.


      Any advice and/or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


      Kind Regards